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Activity File  


This Activity File contains reports and observations of the Foundation's activities in the recent past. The activities scheduled for next year are listed on agenda, activities and events.

6 through 8 April 2001
Third International Work Assembly: a weekend with the Enneagram as its theme

8 through 10 December 2000

Second International Work Assembly: a weekend with the Enneagram as its theme

2 through 8 July 2000

The first International Work Assembly

The Internationa Work Assemblies were held on the Oxerhof

29 October 1999
50th anniversary of G.I. Gurdjieff's death, in the Platoschool in Amsterdam, with a demonstration of movements by Wim van Dullemen and music. It was an impressive and worthy meeting. Wim van Dullemen showed rare slides of Gurdjieff. You saw snapshots of him in real life, and rare slides of a dead Gurdjieff, placed on a bier in his house. What followed was a silent commemoration, wonderful music of the master himself, and... movements. There were representatives of movements groups from England and Germany. What followed was a breathtaking presentation of some of the movements, including 'The Enneagram'.
22 November 1998
'The Art of the Work' (in collaboration with the Academie Marsilio Ficino), a one-day, large-scale event. The press release, which appeared in various Dutch local and national media, announced the event as an open day with information stands, book and music shop, exhibition, lectures, workshops, children's activities, video films, miniconcerts, catering.

September 1998 - June 2001


Platform meetings. Held on Sunday evenings every two weeks for the first year. For the second and third year, these platform meetings took the form of a study day, i.e. a whole Sunday, once every 5 or 6 weeks. Article about Platform Meetings
14 and 15 March 1998
Stage performance of 'Strange Life of Ivan Osokin', with a lecture by prof. Bob Simmons (Study Society, UK) and Gurdjieff's music in the 'Amstelkanaal Theater' in Amsterdam. The theatre group has worked and studied for a year on this not exactly simple play of Ouspensky. It was performed in a Dutch version of an adaptation by dr. Francis Roles, the then successor of Ouspensky. The evening started with Bob Simmons' discussion of the phenomenon of 'time', the central theme of Osokin's experiential search. The play consisted of 13 short scenes. The scenery was kept plain and mainly consisted of a screen on which the scenery (the various locations) was projected. In between and during scenes, Gurdjieff's music was played (live). All six actors, except for one, played double roles. In all, the two performances attracted an audience of approximately 300 people.

5 October 1997

50th anniversary of P.D. Ouspensky's death, in the 'Rode Hoed' in Amsterdam, with a lecture by prof. R. Guyatt (Study Society, UK) and music by Wim van Dullemen. Prof. Guyatt discussed the meaning of Ouspensky's work. He then fully considered questions from the audience. Subsequently, Wim van Dullemen presented movements. He showed rare film fragments from the seventies, of performances by a Bennett group. As a tribute to Ouspensky, he concluded with a piece of Gurdjieff's piano music not publicly performed by him ever before.