Deepening our awareness of body-mind, heart-soul, and earth-sky through moving in new patterns

September 12-16, 2001
Synergia Ranch,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
A DuVersity Event

The exercises and dances created by Gurdjieff and known as Movements integrated twentieth century research with ancient ritual. They are capable of bringing people into a new state of self-experience and group awareness. In the long term, these experiences need to be assimilated and understood, if they are to be of lasting benefit. We offer a way of achieving much of this within a few days by means of a Meaning Matrix.

This Matrix is a container made of four processes, interconnecting body-mind and heart-soul, through the basic human media of movement, art, talking and thinking. The four corners of the Matrix derive from different sources and are like the Four Winds of North American Indian tradition, through which wisdom and innocence combine to embrace both Earth and Sky, the ground beneath us and the realm of aspiration and inspiration.


MOVEMENTS: are a sensate language that embody meaning, beauty and transmit knowledge. Through their action a vehicle is created for the group and individuals to deepen their conscious work and approach worship and communion.

TISSUE PAPER COLLAGE: developed by Dr. Edith Wallace to reveal what is held within the psyche. It provides a source of inspiration by facilitating a link to a deeper part of oneself through the act of creation.

MEDIAN GROUP: is a way of working in a group pioneered by Dr. Patrick de Mare, the aim of which is to inspire koinonia (fellowship). It provides a vehicle for individuals to explore together their social and cultural assumptions and reclaim disowned parts of themselves and experience their interconnectedness.

LVT: logovisual technology is a technique drawn from John Bennett's work with systematics. It is designed to foster intelligence and understanding of complex processes. We will use it to study the course of the event.

AVROM ALTMAN: has organized and taught over 100 seminars and workshops focusing on the Gurdjieff Movements. He began studying the Movements with J. G. Bennett and later worked with the Gurdjieff Foundation. Avrom is a professor of clinical psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Antioch University, with a private practice in psychotherapy.

ANTHONY BLAKE: has a background in physics and philosophy. He studied with J. G. Bennett, David Bohm and a variety of teachers to gain understanding of the Gurdjieff work and total process. He is the author of The Intelligent Enneagram, Seminar on Time, Structures of Meaning, and numerous other publications. He has facilitated workshops all over the world and is Director of studies and co-founder of DuVersity.

DEBORAH ROSE LONGO is an international instructor of the Gurdjieff Movements. She began her training at the Claymont Society for Continuous Education in 1975. She has worked with groups in the United States, Germany, England, Australia and Chile. She is also an artist specializing in mandala making and has had her work featured in numerous publications since 1979. Cover illustration by Deborah Rose Longo.

KAREN STEFANO is an artist and practicing psychotherapist. She has worked with Jungian analyst Dr. Edith Wallace on the tissue paper collage method for many years. Karen has worked with groups in a variety of settings. These include Gurdjieff-Fourth Way, psychodynamic, and median groups. Karen is co-founder of DuVersity and organizes their educational events.

MELANIE MONSOUR has played piano for the Gurdjieff Movements since 1992. She has performed the music of Gurdjieff and de Hartmann throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Australia. She has 2 CDs currently available.

GURDJIEFF is widely recognized as one of the spiritual geniuses of the twentieth century.
JOHN BENNETT was a leading pupil of Gurdjieff and developed some of his ideas into practical tools.
DR. EDITH WALLACE is an artist and Jungian therapist who studied with Bennett. Dr. PATRICK DEMARE has had sixty years of experience with groups and leads the way in realizing the Median group as a step beyond the small (family) group, capable of creating microcultures and outsight.

send deposit of $200 to DuVersity, 8 Homewood Hills, Charles Town, WV 25414; email Registration is 3 pm = September 12 and the event finishes September 16 at 4 pm.

Tuition: $400. Shared Room and Board: $250. Camping and Board: $160.

Location: Synergia Ranch is a private ranch managed also as a Center for Innovation since 1963. Located 16 miles south of Santa Fe, it is surrounded by the Cerrillos Hills and four major ranges of mountains. It has been transformed from an overgrazed almost treeless area into an oasis in the desert, a veritable caravanserai for seekers, travelers, and creators. Nearest airports Albuquerque, NM or Santa Fe, NM

This event is sponsored by the DuVersity, a non-profit organization devoted to building bridges between psychology, spirituality and science. For further information go to